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Gavin Dobson Fine Art

A handful of Adam

A handful of Adam

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Oil on canvas

101cm x 76.2cm x 1.5cm'

Part of the Summer 2020 Collection

We were going on holiday. I was going on holiday. Or supposed to be. Unfortunately it was the Summer of 2020. Instead I created a collection of oil paintings. A fantasy of what may of been. Perfect bodies in paradise conditions. Pools, ponds, lidos, are places to work out or to relax and gaze at the surrounding beauty whilst floating weightlessly in a sea of blue. They’re also meeting places. Speedos, shorts, six-packs. A glance of a muscular back - wet - as it strains to heave it's owner out of the pool.

With this series I wanted to explore the themes of water and the homoerotic. The paintings are fluid and colourful. Abstract figures, strangers, slyly glancing at each other, a smile, before the inevitable. An anonymous casual hook up.

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