Story telling is very important within my practise. I am fascinated by unearthing new stories and situations to take into my painting, alongside creating bold and intriguing imagery from narratives throughout my life. I like to keep my paintings loose and expressive, using fluid movements and textures to create engaging and lively pieces whilst thoughtfully leading the viewer to a chosen narrative. I rarely know what a painting will look like until I begin the process. Often I have used the canvas previously as a palette to create marks and mix colours unconsciously before it is used as the beginnings of a piece itself. This helps me keep the painting fresh and I especially enjoy finding the visuals often from the marks which were created without thought.

My screen prints often depict colourful, nostalgic images. Iconic designs which I hope invite an opening for conversation. As a painter who takes their work into screen printing it's very important to me that the textures, drips and strokes are apparent, so the negative space surrounding my artwork is important in both keeping the piece fresh and contemporary and to celebrate that chosen object.

For the past 3 years I have been a member of London's Print Club. This serves as a great creative workspace to maintain and expand connections with other artists, as well as experiment with techniques and push boundaries of what screen-prints can be. 

My ongoing dedication has led to various interviews surrounding my work and being featured in The Times by the art critic, Nancy Durrant, as part of her great art guide which has been both motivating and a great platform for me.

Any opportunities or enquiries please do get in touch.


2022. Louder and Prouder - Brunswick Gallery
2022. Queer Frontiers - Artiq
2022. Contemporary British Painting 3 - Bermondsey Project Space
2022. Leaf - The Artists Friend,  Box Park
2022. The Affordable Arts Fair - Hampstead
2021. Choose Love - Soho Revue
2021. Satelittes - Rise Art
2021. The Other Art Fair - Saatchi
2021. The Affordable Art Fair - Battersea
2020. Twelve days of Christmas - Artiq
2020. Choose Love Auction - Printclub London
2020. Queer Frontiers - Artiq
2019. Blisters Season 8 - Printclub London
2019. Pride - Queer Frontiers - Brewer Street Soho
2019. The Affordable Art Fair - Battersea
2018. Thirdway - Bog Standard - Artiq
2018. The Affordable Art Fair - Battersea
2018. Blisters Season 7 - Printclub
2018. Art Car boot Sale - Printclub
2018. Choose Love - Help Refugees UK
2018. Colour My world - Brighton Pride
2017. The Affordable Art Fair - Battersea
2017. Film Fours Summer Screen - Somerset House
2017. Winter - Bridgeman Studios
2017. Summer Salon - The Palm Tree Gallery
2016. The Affordable Art Fair - Battersea