Gavin is an artist based in East London. Originally from the North East of England, he trained in Fine Art at Middlesex University specialising in painting. Alongside his painting, Gavin is also an experienced screen printer.

Gavin tends to keep his paintings loose and expressive, using fluid movements and textures to create engaging and lively pieces which thoughtfully lead the viewer to a chosen narrative.

In recent years Gavin’s practice has focused into exploring homosexuality and the various subcultures which surround it, looking into the expectations and stereotypes which gay men face and how in turn this can effect ones mental health. His paintings are loose and expressive tackling the emotional highs and lows of being a gay man in contemporary Britain. Queer culture exists beyond a week at Pride and it has a proud and sadly unearthed history which in turn has effected notions surrounding masculinity/ femininity and indeed what it means to be gay.

Any opportunities or enquiries please do get in touch.


2023. Oh How Queer - Burgh House
2023.  Louder and Prouder - Brunswick Gallery
2023. Christies Late Pride - Christies
2023. Artefact - Design Centre Chelsea 
2023. Spring Bounce - Art Car Boot Fair
2023. East Art Fair - Old Spitalfields Market
2023. The Affordable Arts Fair - Hampstead
2023. Kink - East Art Gallery
2023. Wild Thoughts - The Lido Stores
2022. Just Be Nice - East London Art Gallery
2022. Sugarcube ll - The Lido Stores
2022. The Art Car Boot Fair
2022. Folkstone Art Gallery - The Open Call
2022. Discerning Eye - Mall Galleries
2022. Focus 22 - Design Centre Chelsea
2022. Art Shop - White Paper Pen
2022. The Hoxton Hotel - Southwark
2022. Louder and Prouder - Brunswick Gallery
2022. Queer Frontiers - Artiq
2022. Contemporary British Painting 3 - Bermondsey Project Space
2022. Leaf - The Artists Friend,  Box Park
2022. Design Centre London - Chelsea
2022. The Affordable Arts Fair - Hampstead
2021. Choose Love - Soho Revue
2021. Satelittes - Rise Art
2021. The Other Art Fair - Saatchi
2021. The Affordable Art Fair - Battersea
2020. Twelve days of Christmas - Artiq
2020. Choose Love Auction - Printclub London
2020. Queer Frontiers - Artiq
2019. Blisters Season 8 - Printclub London
2019. Pride - Queer Frontiers - Brewer Street Soho
2019. The Affordable Art Fair - Battersea
2018. Thirdway - Bog Standard - Artiq
2018. The Affordable Art Fair - Battersea
2018. Blisters Season 7 - Printclub
2018. Art Car boot Sale - Printclub
2018. Choose Love - Help Refugees UK
2018. Colour My world - Brighton Pride
2017. The Affordable Art Fair - Battersea
2017. Film Fours Summer Screen - Somerset House
2017. Winter - Bridgeman Studios
2017. Summer Salon - The Palm Tree Gallery
2016. The Affordable Art Fair - Battersea